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Sr.No. Name of Member Member Designation Commitee Designation
1 Prof. Kande S.S. Dean II nd shift polytechnic Chairman
2 Prof. Metkar N.S. Lecturer Member Secretary
3 Mrs. Sable N. S. Office Superintendent (OS) Member
4 Prof. Kore S.S. Lecturer Member
5 Prof. Yelgatte S. D. Lecturer Member
6 Prof. Godse A.B. Lecturer Member
7 Prof. Bhadake R.S. Sport In charge Member
8 Khandagle Ganesh Student Representative Member
9 Ms. Kawte Neha Student Representative Member
10 Mr. Patil Pranaj Student Representative Member
11 Mr. Gaikwad . Mahadev Student Representative Member

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation
1 Shri. Nagargoje N.M. Police Inspector Member
2 Shri. Jagdish Kumbhar Reporter, Lokmat News Paper, Pune. Member
3 Prof. Shetgar C.A. Lecturer (Civil Engineering) Member
4 Prof. Mitkari P.S. Lecturer ( Mechanical Engineering) Member
5 Mrs. Todkar Yogita Counselor Member
6 Prof. Gandhare K.R. Asst. Professor Member
7 Prof. Metkar . N.S. Lecturer (Civil Engineering) Chairman
8 Prof. Somwanshi P.D Lecturer (Computer Engineering) Member
9 Prof. Molekar T.G Lecturer (Civil Engineering) Member
10 Prof. Bugade S.A. Lecturer (Electrical Engineering) Member
11 Prof. Mote R.S. Lecturer ( Mechanical Engineering) Member
12 Ms. Sabale Nilima Office Superintendent Member
13 Prof. Chavan P.K. Lecturer ( Mechanical Engineering) Member

  • Study Curriculum development process and prepare curriculum implementation plan at institute level
  • Identify the resource gaps at institute level and develop plan to make up the deficiencies
  • Plan for Academic Calendar of the institute taking into consideration the calendar from MSBTE
  • Guide the departments regarding philosophy of curriculum design and its implementation
  • Ensure uniform implementation of MSBTE norms for student assessment
  • Analyze the reports of internal and external monitoring committees and take remedial action
  • Maintain the records of all activities in prescribed format

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation
1 Prof.S.R Thite Management Representative (Campus Director) Chairman
2 Prof.S.S Kande Principal Member
3 Prof.M.D Karajgar HOD (Computer Engg) Member
4 Prof.C.A Shetgar HOD(Civil Engg) Member
5 Prof. P.SMitkari HOD(Mechanical Engg) Member
6 Prof. S.D Yelgatte HOD(Electrical Engg) Member
7 Prof.S.S Kore Sr.Lecturer in Computer Engg (Academic Co-ordinator) Member Secretary
8 Prof.N.S Metkar Lecturer in General science Member
9 Prof.R.S Mote Lecturer in Mechanical Engg Member
10 Miss.Manisha Badekar TY(Computer) Student Representative
11 Mr.Parth Kawane TY(Mechanical) Student Representative
12 Mr. Raviraj Tomake Electrical Parent Representative

To develop the Entrepreneurship skills and interest in students, encourage individual to convert their ideas in business.

To create entrepreneurial culture among the students and create a community of business practitioners with a lifelong commitment of achieving social and economic progress of our nation.

Long Term Goals ( 5 years)

  • Motivate students to develop their own startups.
  • Develop business incubators.
  • Create corpus fund to seed ventures.

Long Term Goals ( 5 years)

  • To provide a platform for interaction with entrepreneurs.
  • Impart entrepreneurial skills amongst students through various trainings and exercise.
  • Arrange vibrant interaction with organizations promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation
1 Prof. S. S. Kande Chairman
2 Prof. N. S. Metkar Vice Chairman
3 TPO A. A. Karanje Secretary
4 Prof. S. S. Kore Treasurer
5 Prof. S. D. Yelgatte Faculty Advisor
6 Prof. M.D. Karajgar Faculty Advisor
7 Prof. P.S. Mitkari Faculty Advisor
8 Prof. C. A. Shetgar Faculty Advisor
9 Mr. Ganesh Patil Students Secretary
10 Mr. Akshay Devghare Students Core Committee Member
11 Ms. Gauri Ingale Students Core Committee Member
12 Mr. Nihal Jagdale Students Core Committee Member
13 Mr. Sameer Ghorpade Branch Students Core Committee Member
14 Mr. Potbhare Tanmay Students Core Committee Member
15 Miss Sayyad Amreen Students Core Committee Member
16 Mr.Nikhil Devdikar Students Core Committee Member
17 Mr. Omkar Patil Students Core Committee Member

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation
1 Mr. Kande S.S. Dean Chairman
2 Mr. Somwanshi P.D. Lecturer Member Secretary
3 Mr. More G.A. Lecturer Member
4 Mr. Sawane N.R Lab - Assistant Member

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Commitee Designation
1 Prof.Chavan P.K Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering) Chairman
2 Prof. Mitkari P. S. Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering) Member
3 Prof. Karajgar M. D. Lecturer (Computer Engineering) Member
4 Prof. Shinde S.S Lecturer (Civil Engineering) Member
5 Prof. Kawade P.G Lecturer (Electrical Engineering) Member